Parent & Student Responsibility Agreement


  1. All course costs must be paid not later than the sixth day of class. After the second day of class, only cash or credit cards are accepted (no checks). No discounts are applied to the program cost after the first day of class. Only one (1) discount per student may be applied. All course costs must be paid in full by the end of the sixth class meeting. Students with an outstanding account balance are not permitted to attend the tenth class session.
  2. If a student cannot continue the program after the first day of class for any unforeseen reason, refunds are granted according to the A2B Driving School refund policy. Requests for refunds must be made in writing within 18 weeks of the start date of the program, and are pro-rated per the school’s policy. Students are required to complete the program within (18) weeks of the class start date. Students failing to complete the course within 18 weeks of the class start date are required to pay $150.00 for the portion remaining in order to complete.
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    1. We expect our students to behave as young adults while in class. The following behaviors are not tolerated and may cause a student to be removed from the program:
      1. Disturbing any other student(s) while they are trying to learn.
      2. Any behavior that is disturbing to the class or prevents learning.
      3. Leaving on cell phones, radios, music players, etc. All electronic devices must be turned off during class.
      4. Eating or drinking during class without permission from an instructor or other school official.
      5. Chewing gum during class.
      6. Using tobacco products during class. This includes smokeless products such as electronic cigarettes.
    2. A student may not continue to participate in the course if she or he consistently arrives late to class, consistently departs early or misses more than four (4) days of the program. If a student is more than 5 minutes late for an in-car session, a $150.00 charge may apply (please refer to item 8, below).
    3. Students are completely responsible for paying for any damages caused by their negligence, including defacing or damaging any classroom furnishings. Below are the replacement costs for such items:
      1. Classroom table – $50.00
      2. Classroom chair – $35.00
      3. Textbook – $36.00
    4. Destroying property inside or outside an A2B’s location is cause for dismissal from the program with a refund consistent with the school’s refund policy. Students and/or their parents/legal guardians are responsible for the cost of damage or loss.
    5. A2B Driving School assumes no responsibility for students who leave the premises during classroom or break time.
    6. There is a $150.00 charge for failing to appear for a scheduled in-car appointment without a 48 hour notice to the office.
    7. Once a student has successfully completed the driver education program, the student’s information is submitted electronically to the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) database. Students are NOT required to have a paper certificate when appearing for the test for the provisional driver’s license.
    8. Students are required to allow a minimum of 3 business days between completion of the course and their road test at the MVA. Students are advised NOT to schedule the road test appointment until they have completed both the 30 hours of classroom instruction (including any make-up days) and 6 hours of driving lessons, as well as the necessary 60 hours of home practice required by the MVA Skills Log & Practice Guide with a parent, guardian, or other qualified supervising licensed driver such as A2B Driving School.
    9. Students are required to have a Maryland learner’s permit before they schedule their 6 hours of driving lessons. Furthermore, students are required to have their learner’s permit with them while driving with the instructor. Students who do not have learner permits with them at the time of their appointment may be required to reschedule their appointment and pay the missed appointment fee (please refer to item 8, above).

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