Completing your 60-hour log book

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Due to Maryland standards, MVA requires a total of 60 hours of driving practice with your learner’s permit. You must have your learner’s permit prior to obtaining your provisional driver’s license. This can be a challenging road, but A2B Driving School can assist you in gaining this valuable driving experience safely and thoroughly.

Refresher practice for the MVA driving skills test

Planning on going for your provisional driver’s license in the near future? We surely can help with that by scheduling a last minute driving lesson to brush up on your skills prior to the test. Furthermore, we are able to accompany you to the MVA and provide last-minute practice just prior to the test. If you are planning to take the road test for your provisional driver’s license, stop by a couple days before the test, a day before the road test, or even the day of your test, and we will help you to get it right.

Driving lessons in Rockville, MD

Vehicle rental for the MVA test

Do you need a small vehicle to use for your driving test? Did your vehicle fail you at the last second because of MVA guidelines? Did your vehicle disqualify you for testing? A2B Driving School can assist you with that! A2B Driving School can rent you a vehicle for your MVA test and even accompany you to the MVA and provide you with last-minute practice to brush up on your skills before the test. In case you need a smaller car to take your road test, or your car would not qualify because of defects, A2B Driving School will gladly rent you our vehicle; furthermore, our driving instructors will even accompany to the MVA and gladly help you practice prior to the test.

Register for driving classes online, or call A2B Driving School in Rockville, Maryland today at 301-251-2989 to schedule driving lessons. Safety on the roads is our highest priority, and we look forward to teaching more Maryland drivers to be smart drivers on the road.