As a society, we think most people get their driver’s license as teenagers. While this is, for the most part, true, there are a large amount of instances that can lead to a person attending driving school well after high school, and on into adulthood.

Understanding Older Students

Late Bloomers

There is nothing wrong with pursuing a driver’s license later in life. While this may seem crazy, especially in rural and suburban communities. In many urban areas, public transportation and walking allow many people to never pursue a real driver’s license, opting instead for a State-issued ID card. These function nearly the same in every way, just do not grant the user vehicle operating privileges. Those that wait later in life to get a driver’s license may never have intended to pursue the right to operate a vehicle, but have changed their mind for any of the following reasons:

  • They’re moving outside of their urban area
  • They now desire a car or other vehicle
  • They are pursuing a career that requires a driver’s license, such as truck or other vehicle operation
  • Curiosity has persuaded them to give driving or vehicle operation a shot

Legal Difficulty

Many people that enroll in driving school after their teenage years do so out of legal difficulty. All of the following instances can cause adults to enroll in driving school: Their license has been suspended or revoked in the past, they have been tasked with taking a Driver Improvement Course by the State of Maryland (or another state that is allowing them to take the test in their home state), or are seeking an all-new license after an extended period without having fixed one of the above situations. Offenses that can cause someone to want or need to attend driving school in Wheaton, Maryland include:

  • DUI or DWI charges
  • Crimes that have led to a revoked license
  • Prison sentences
  • Numerous minor traffic violations
  • Major traffic violations in another state
  • Insurance requirement or incentive for reduced rate following one or more claims (not legal, but is often seen as mandatory just the same)

The Good News

While driving school may not seem like the best way to spend a few hours out of your month, the payoff can come in a couple of great ways. First, if you’re over the age of 25, you may be eligible for a shorter course and term between deciding to get your license and actually being granted it; this special program from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) allows eligible older adults to take a much faster track to their driver’s license than a younger person would enjoy. Whether or not you qualify, getting your license as an adult is said to feel even more satisfying than it would or did as a teenager. By working with the skilled driver’s ed instructors at A2B Driving School in Wheaton, you’ll get to where you want to go in no time at all.

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