Reduced MVA requirements for applicants over 25

Great news! MVA have reduced the requirements for new drivers who are 25 years of age or later. The applicant must still attend an MVA-certified Driver Education course; furthermore, must hold a learner’s permit; however, because you are 25 or over MVA have reduced the amount of time the applicant must hold the permit which is 45 days. The permit holder must be violation free, MVA will impose an additional 9-month waiting period if receive a speeding ticket.You must also perform at least 14 additional hours of driving practice to be eligible to take the driving skills test.Incredible opportunities for adults over 25

You can now take advantage of a special package that the will require less time. We at A2B Driving School recognize that your time is limited and offer a special package to ensure that your experience is effectively spent.


A2B Adult Driving School Package

Our adult driving packages give our student a little bit more than what is required from MVA. Our package is a fifteen hours which the student drives for 7 days. We will practice everything to help you pass the test such as entering traffic, controlling your lane position and speed, yielding and right-of-way, understanding traffic control devices, making turns, navigating intersections and traffic circles, merging on and off highways and all the parking techniques you’ll need to pass your driving test.

Once you’re ready, one the day of your road test we will practice for 1 hour as a refresher, we’ll even take you to your MVA test, and provide one of our practice vehicles for you to use during the test.

Our special package for adult drivers includes the 15 hours of driving practice plus your MVA test, all for a special price of $699.00. That’s a savings of 30% off our standard hourly rate.

Mandatory Lessons:

If you are court-ordered to complete driving lessons due to an accident,, traffic violation, or other cause reducing the points on your license, you can contact us to fulfill your requirements. In some cases, this will reduce ticket charges and help you earn back points on your license. A2B Driving School is fully licensed and able to help you meet your classroom or behind-the-wheel training requirements.

Insurance Benefits:

Sometimes your insurance provider will offer you a discount if you complete driving lessons. As a fully licensed driving school, we can help you meet these requirements and provide the valid documentation to the insurance company.

Senior Citizen Driving Test:

Depending on local and state laws or mandates from the Department of Motor Vehicles, seniors may be required to retake the knowledge and road test after a number of years. If you are required to repeat these exams, please contact us for training and instruction. We will be happy to show you the patience and respect you deserve, while also sharing the latest techniques in defense driving and changes to driving laws.