1. Things To Look For In Driving Schools

    Considering a driving school requires some due diligence on the part of those searching for a place to learn in an informative and supportive environment. Picking the first place that comes along could lead to an uncomfortable experience with an instructor that, for whatever reason, you don’t care for. If you’re looking for the best ways to know for sure that your driving school selection is t…Read More

  2. Adults & Driving School

    As a society, we think most people get their driver’s license as teenagers. While this is, for the most part, true, there are a large amount of instances that can lead to a person attending driving school well after high school, and on into adulthood. Understanding Older Students Late Bloomers There is nothing wrong with pursuing a driver’s license later in life. While this may seem crazy, esp…Read More

  3. Types of MD Driver’s Licenses

    In our previous blog, we wrote about the importance a driver’s license can have upon the self-esteem and opportunities available in their owner's’ lives; today, we’ll discuss the types of driver’s licenses available through Maryland’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Non-Commercial Classes Non-commercial licenses are broken down into four categories: A, B, C, and M. Most people will be issu…Read More

  4. Driver’s License Freedom

    Anyone that is considering undergoing driver’s ed will tell you all about the freedoms that having their driver’s license enable. Having your license can transform your entire life in terms of routine, employment, travel, and more. While many of us already have a license, which is mostly taken for granted once acquired, those awaiting theirs know all too well how important a simple piece of pl…Read More

  5. Teens & Driver’s Ed

    Many teens look forward to their first driver’s license more than just about anything. Even if it may not immediately be followed up by a vehicle of their own, the potential freedom that a simple piece of plastic offers them seems so important. Most parents look at this as one of the largest, and scariest, transitions from childhood to adulthood. It is an understatement to say that most parents …Read More

  6. Introducing the A2B Driving School Blog!

    Welcome to the A2B Driving School blog. As Maryland’s Top Rated Local® driving school, we are excited to extend our advice to the Rockville, Wheaton, and Silver Spring communities. If you are looking to learn what makes a great driver, and driving school, different from the rest, then stay tuned for our future releases. About Our School We are proud to be Rockville’s most affordable and high-…Read More