Anyone that is considering undergoing driver’s ed will tell you all about the freedoms that having their driver’s license enable. Having your license can transform your entire life in terms of routine, employment, travel, and more. While many of us already have a license, which is mostly taken for granted once acquired, those awaiting theirs know all too well how important a simple piece of plastic can be.

Benefits of a License


The most commonly indicated benefit to having a driver’s license is freedom. Having your license enables you to drive to work, school, for travel, etc. This freedom can enable students to live off campus, adults to pursue commuting work opportunities, and keep families connected with convenient interstate travel. Even the simple act of taking oneself to school or work can have a dramatic influence on reducing anxiety.


For a teenager, the freedom gained from the successful completion of driver’s ed and the license that follows represent a right of passage, and for many is the clear sign of adulthood. Many teens consider having a license a necessary part of fitting into peer groups and breaking free of their parents. For adults, these issues aren’t much different; an adult without a driver’s license is considered something of an anomaly, as many simply assume everyone has a license after a certain age. In either case, the lack of a driver’s license can cause problems with self-esteem.

Legal Document

Another major perk behind the driver’s license is the legal document role a license fills. Whether you are looking to vote or get a job, having a driver’s license helps greatly in verifying your identity with the government. While state IDs serve the same purpose for the sake of documentation, they can be a hassle to obtain, especially for those with no other reason to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Beyond simply getting back and forth to work, a driver’s license is a necessary tool for many job opportunities. Not having your license can remove your ability to pursue many career options; while many may be obvious, like semi-truck or delivery drivers, even many white collar jobs include an element of travel that relies upon the employee to be able to drive or rent a car. Having your license opens up career opportunities in a number of ways, even without a car of your own.


Driver’s licenses are so common, that having one is akin to being a part of a “membership.” For foreign-born citizens, a driver’s license can represent a tremendous landmark on their journey toward the American dream. For those dealing with a license revoked for legal reasons, the driver’s license represents opening a new chapter in their lives. Even teenagers who have never had a driver’s license feel a sense of becoming an official member of society upon completion of driver’s ed.

Wheaton’s Driver’s Ed

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